1. Providing qualified management personnel
  2. Governmental and administrative consulting services
  3. Legal advice Saudi labor and workers system
  4. Administrative support in all its forms
  5. Cooperative insurance services for establishments
  6. Certified translation Esnad services
  7. Improving the level of the field and raising the percentage of localization at the lowest costs
  8. Services for remote recruitment and employee registration in the program
  9. Administrative support services for the work of the human resources department
  10. Training and qualification services for the employees of the Human Resources Department to carry out their work to the fullest extent
  11. Payroll Administration (Wage Protection System)
  12. Governmental and a Contract Documentation Esnad Services
  13. dministrative consulting services
  14. Design and create a website
  15. Electronic Services Department for Establishments (Esnad Packages)
  16. Establishment of establishments
  17. Environmental Studies and Consultations
  18. Establishment of foreign establishments in the Kingdom
  19. Services to reduce financial burdens on establishments
  20. Registration of highly qualified workers